Thursday, March 19, 2015

Part 2: Faux Marble Countertop

If you remember in this post, my husband and I switched out a desk area in our kitchen for a coffee bar station. I'm calling it this because I really have no clue what it's supposed to be called and right now it holds my Keurig and all my coffee supplies. Plus I've always wanted a coffee bar!

So we left with this lovely mismatched area that needed a countertop.

My husband cut a piece of quarter inch pine plywood down to fit the space. I keep telling myself that maybe I'll learn how to use all of his fancy tools but in reality, they scare me! Maybe one day...

I bought some marble contact paper. The first roll I bought was off of Amazon and it was awful. The backing didn't want to come off and it was just a mess. So I was super excited when I found this stuff at Lowe's.

This is what I want our future countertops to actually look like. I love white and gray swirl marble. Beautiful!

My model will demonstrate how to stand on the future countertop:

This was really easy.  I just rolled out the paper and cut where I needed. The contact paper wasn't wide enough to cover all of the board so I did have to do it in 2 sections. I made sure the seem was in the back and you can hardly tell unless you're trying to look for it.

I used duct tape on the back just to make sure it was super secure. To get the corners just right, cut a little slot and fold it over.


And here she is! All ready to go.

I put my Keurig on there along with a cute stand for a catch-all space that holds daily used things. That big black bog looking thing is our stereo that we mounted to the wall. And of course I had to add some flowers and candles for some prettiness. My next project for this area is to paint the cabinets but I'm waiting for some warmer weather!


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