Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Part 1: Creating a Coffee Bar

When we moved into our home I was so excited about this space. It is on the opposite wall of the kitchen sink.

Although I was not super excited about that desk. I wanted more storage and I really didn't want a desk in the kitchen.

Another problem is that they make refrigerators bigger now and ours would definitely not fit into that small space. So we came up with a plan to make this area work.

Always measure your space before hand and then head to everyone's favorite store... Lowe's! We picked up some project cabinets. These are cheaper cabinets but if you get these wood ones you can paint them any color you want.

These are a temporary fix. When we finally get around to redoing our whole kitchen, these will be replaced as well. But for now they hold up well and I get my extra storage!

We started by taking out all of the lower cabinets and 1 of the uppers.

They didn't put flooring in that one spot so we had to do something to make it even. We just used some leftover carpet tiles we had from finishing up our basement.


We put them in and took some more measurements to figure out where the screws would go.

As you can see, the cabinet doors do not match. I have a few options with this. I plan on painting all of the cabinets in the kitchen white, including these. This will help these blend together more and not be so noticeably different. Another option would be to take off the doors on the top and have more of an open cabinet/shelving look. The third option would be to replace these two upper cabinets with project cabinets as well. Which is probably what we'll end up doing since the kitchen renovation is still a few years away. However, I will wait until everything is painted and see how it looks.

On Thursday I'll share how I created a faux marble countertop!

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