Thursday, March 5, 2015

DIY Labeling Power Cords

I've got an easy project for you today! How many of you have 10 different chargers for things like your phone, computer, camera, kids toys, etc...? Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out which one matches what electronic device.

For this project you'll just need a few things:
Washi tape or masking tape

If you've never heard of Washi tape, it is amazing and so much fun! There are so many uses for it but most of all I love the different colors and the fun patterns.

I took a long piece of my Washi tape and wrapped it around my cord, cutting off any excess that I didn't need or overlapped on one side. 

Label the piece of tape with what decide it goes to and you're good to go! No more confusion for you, your husband or your kids so you won't get asked 100 times which cord goes to the Leap Frog or TV Remote (yes my husband has a charger for the remote control... spoiled!).

Go pick up some Washi tape and give it a try!

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