Tuesday, May 26, 2015

DIY: Burlap Wreath

If you've been on Pinterest the past few years then you know a thing or two about burlap wreaths. They're on front doors, walls, the mantel, and hanging off of mirrors. They come in all different sizes and colors. The best part about making your own is that you can decide how you want them to look.

I have been wanting to make one for quite some time but I'll be honest when it comes to DIY, I have no confidence. This means I usually don't take on a DIY project because I'm scared it will turn out wrong. I'm also a perfectionist so of course everyone else's DIY projects look amazing but mine are hideous. However, I've been trying to boost my confidence in this area by telling myself that if I never try, I'll never get better. I'll never know if I'm good or not. The big bonus is you can save a lot of money if you make something yourself!

So here goes nothing! I made my very first burlap wreath. I tried really hard to do a tutorial via pictures but it was a little confusing. I did take a few for you. But I think you'll better understand it if you watch this Youtube video that I followed. Keep in mind there are a few different ways to make these wreaths so if this isn't the style you want, please search around.

I started with these materials purchased at Hobby Lobby. I did end up needing another roll of burlap ($9.99 each but use that 40% off coupon!) but didn't use very much of it so I have plenty of extra for another project. I used a medium sized wreath ring ($2.50). And then some pipe cleaners ($.99). To be honest, most people recommend floral wire and I wish I would have gotten that. All I could find was green floral wire when I wanted white or black and I didn't have any wire cutters so I went cheap and just used pipe cleaners. I would recommend using the floral wire though.

As you can see here, the pipe cleaner was used to attach the burlap to the wreath ring. You can't see it once the project is finished but the wire would have been easier to work with and given it more of a clean look.

It is as simple as pulling the burlap through each slot.

When she was done, she looked like this! This literally took me 10 minutes and in the end I was so proud of myself (priceless).

But I had one more trick up my sleeve. I had a leftover monogrammed "M" from another DIY fail (I will be scarred forever) that I wanted to incorporate on this wreath. So I busted out this gorgeous new color of spray paint (of course!). It doesn't have a name on it but I found it at my local Meijer.

I got out my hot glue gun and stuck it on there.

Next I got this ball of twine to hang my wreath with. You could also use some ribbon or even another piece of burlap.

I just tied it on there about 50 billion times.

I used a small command hook on my wall and hung this beauty up on my new stylish entryway mirror.

I love the depth and color it adds to the space. Now it's your turn! I promise it was super easy. :)

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