Monday, May 4, 2015

An Entryway Space

The front room in my home is bare. Completely and totally naked. I am having the hardest time deciding how I want this room done. It is the first room that guests see from the front door so I want it to be warm and inviting but also serve a purpose. What that purpose is, I still don't know. For now there is a lonely chair and a piano in there.

However, I did have one vision in mind. That was to have some sort of dresser or cabinet to the left of this window. To the left of that coat closet is our front door. And that coat closet is literally the only closet on the main level. I need storage people! Someplace to hide all my junk valuables.

I went to many thrift stores and wasn't finding what I wanted. I really wanted a higher dresser that I could paint. No luck. So I did some online shopping and wound up at Target. I ended up getting this beauty.

It isn't as tall as I would like so I had to be creative. I started out with this:
Let's get some height on this baby! Once I had a vision in my mind, I went with it. I chose IKEA picture frames and a mirror to make your eye glance upwards instead of really seeing just how short my cabinet is.
The flowers, vase, and lamp are all from IKEA. I am loving the orange color of these flowers. Gorgeous!
The mirror I got at my local grocery store, Meijer. It was on sale for $22! Ideally I would have put a round mirror here so that everything isn't so square and boxy. However, I already had this mirror for this area so I went with it. I have something in mind to add some dimension and shape coming soon.
I am very pleased with how this space turned out. Down the road I might add a tray or some books to the top to give some character. And I haven't even filled ANY of the spaces in the cabinet. My kids have been using it to store their toys lol.
One last look... Before:
And After...

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