Monday, June 22, 2015

Candlsticks and Spray Paint

If you haven't noticed, I have been all about the spray paint this summer. Repurposing old treasures saves money, let's you be creative, and can completely transform the look of a room. I am having fun!!

I had my husband get me these candlesticks for my birthday this past year. They are from World Market and cost way more then I would normally spend on something like this ($45). I saw some bamboo colored ones in the store a few months prior and couldn't stop thinking about them. However, when I went to order them online I chose the gray color. They're ok. Nothing spectacular. It just reminds me to browse the thrift stores first!

They have a rustic vibe going on and normally I'd be fine with that. I love a mix of modern and rustic design elements. However, I wanted two of these to be on my new DIY Wood shelves which already have that rustic feel. I felt like it was a little overkill with all the rusticness. So I thought why not spray paint them. And why not spray paint them one of my favorite decorating colors, blue! I am loving all shades of blue right now.

I got out my primer because I wanted to make sure the blue looked gorgeous and stuck to these babies.

Then I used Rust-O-Leum's Navy Blue in Gloss. A few quick coats (ok it literally took me a day to finish these things because it was so humid out!) and I absolutely love the way they turned out. They add some shine and a pop of color which is just what I was looking for.

A quick and easy change that I absolutely love!

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