Monday, June 15, 2015

Art: Spray Paint and Etsy

I am having a lot of fun decorating my house now that we are feeling settled in. Finally I have some pictures to hang and the house is feeling more cozy by the month day.

I found these frames at MIchaels and was very happy with the overall size and the small black frame. It is different than most of the picture frames you see with a thick outer edge. Always keep in mind what size picture you'll need. I bought some nice frames from IKEA a few months ago and the picture size is 12x12. Do you know how hard it is to find a place that does pictures that size?! This 5x7 opening is perfect.

She wasn't going to stay this way for long. I had plans... spray paint plans! So off came the black frame.

I used my favorite primer and some gold metallic spray paint (currently one of my favorite colors). I'll be honest, I goofed at first. I did not prime these to begin with (I'll blame it on the prego brain) and the spray paint adhered ok but not as good as I would have liked. I went back and very lightly sanded these down before I went and did a coat of primer and 2 coats of spray paint.

Out came my spray paint box when it was a gorgeous sunny day.

Next it was time to find some art for these beauties. I did not want to do family pictures because these are going to hang across from my dining room table. I searched for some free printables of kitchen items - a fork, blender, whisk. I just wasn't finding anything that I loved. I was kind of in a hurry to get these done so I searched Etsy really fast and found these right away.

I love all shades of blue and have been wanting to add in color so these are perfect. I actually like some of the other art pieces this shop owner has and in a few months may switch out my blue and orange pieces for something else. That's the beauty of picture frames. You can always spray paint the frame and change out the picture so it never gets old.

I printed these out from my computer (it was not working on my IPad for some reason) on good old cardstock.

I cut them down closer to 5x7 but not an exact 5x7.

The reason why I didn't cut them all the way down is because I like to tape my pictures or artwork to the back of the frame. When you're ready for a new picture you have to be very careful about taking the tape off but this way the picture doesn't slide all over the place.

I cleaned off the glass and made sure the frames were clear of any dust and they were ready to go!

I heart levels.

Sorry these are not the best pictures. There is a big window directly across from these and even though I closed the curtains it was still hindering a beautiful picture. So you'll have to use your imagination and pretend you can see these well.

This is real life folks. Sippy cups and all. (And that dreadful light that I'm dying to get rid of!)

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