Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Spring Cleaning Challenge: Week 3

Are you keeping up with our Spring Cleaning Challenge? We're on Week 3 so only one more week to go. So far you should have decluttered a spot in your home and have a sparkling new refrigerator!

I went back and forth on what to do this week. My motivation is lacking in the cleaning department because we have another big project we're working on, trying to get it done before my son's birthday on Sunday. How can my little man be 2 years old already?!

Today we have a simple challenge that should only take about 10 minutes. Are you ready to open up a can of worms cabinet and get rid of some junk?!

I have this one cabinet in my living room that is hiding a secret... it's a complete and utter mess inside! I bet you have one or two of those as well, right? It's called the "let's just throw stuff in here because no one will see." Or "my kids always take everything out of this cabinet and I'm too tired to reorganize it for the millionth time." Well, now is that time.

What I really love is this notebook that's magically floating in the back. I love my kids. :)

This literally took me 3 minutes to take things out, throw away things I never use and relocate some items if they didn't belong.

I gained almost a full shelf!

Because I allotted 10 minutes and this only took 3, I was able to go tackle another junk cabinet!

If you want a sneak peak inside the top, here you go. :)

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