Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Spring Cleaning Challenge: Week 1

I probably should have started this about two months ago but oh well. It's never to late to start taking care of your home, right? Maybe it should be the Summer cleaning challenge since it has been in the 70's recently!

Over the next 4 weeks I'll have a cleaning challenge for you. Short, simple and sweet. Each challenge should only take you 15 minutes (or less) and in the end you will feel proud and accomplished!

Our first challenge is to declutter. Find just one area of your home to tackle and make new again.

I chose my coffee bar station. I don't know what happens here but it is not okay! It has become a dumping ground for miscellaneous stuff. Well, you see that box to the left? I did leave that there on purpose. It is my husband's birthday present and I left it there to taunt him. (insert evil laugh)

It has been this way for a good month. Things don't get taken care of and then they just keep coming. It's like my stuff has legs and flocks to this one area of the house. Let's add some more things!

Enough is enough! It took me about 10 minutes to find a different home for all of these things. A good dusting and wiping off and it looks brand new again.

I have made it my mission to make sure this area is cleaned off every night so in the morning it's a fresh slate. Now if there is a paper or two (or a spray paint can!), it only takes one minute to clear off instead of 10.

If you feel inspired, go find another area to declutter. Maybe a drawer that's stuffed with old receipts and coupons, a shoe rack that's overflowing or even your bathroom vanity. I find that if I tell myself to just take 10-15 minutes to clean an area, I usually get motivated to finish the room or even start on a mini cleaning spree.

What will be your declutter project?

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