Monday, April 6, 2015

Bathroom Renovations: Master Bathroom: House #2

If you remember here I told you all about our main bathroom renovation at our last house. At the same time we also had our master bathroom renovated. This whole process took 2 months but felt like 2 years!

Our master bathroom started off as a half bath and completely outdated.


The master bedroom was HUGE. It's really hard to see it in pictures but I'll try to show you. It was wonderful to have all that space but most of it was just wasted. That door to the left is the half bath. We made a huge, gigantic, enormous change to this room and actually put the new bathroom where that closet is and also expanded it out into the room.

Yes that is my wedding dress in the closet and every now and then I try to put it on and walk around the house in it.

We created a huge bathroom with a walk in closet. Although if you remember me talking about the odd layout of this house, this bedroom leads directly into the office (which acts as a hallway to the kids bedrooms and other bathroom). So the closet area had to be a little odd shaped due to the location of the office, but we made it work.

I knew how I wanted this bathroom to look even before the renovations were planned. White, white, white and gray! A white vanity, the same white tiled floor as the main bathroom, a beautiful white and gray swirl marble countertop, a nice big tub for all baths I said I would take, and gray walls. We went all out in this bathroom and it was definitely the hardest room to leave.

Pretty much everything in this bathroom was purchased at Lowe's.

Look at how huge this tub is! And in the 8 months we lived here with it, I never once took a bath. What is wrong with me?!

We decided to go with an already built shower surround. Rather than spending our money on tiling the shower, we wanted to spend more money on a nice floor and marble countertop.

This tile is beautiful for a bathroom floor. It was just under $3 for a square foot at Lowe's. I went with a medium gray grout color that compliments the wall color.

The gorgeous marble countertop. I wanted to rip it off and take it with me!

I will say the one thing I regret in this bathroom were the double mirrors. I really feel that one big mirror would have looked better in this space.

We had a decent sized linen closet in there.

The master closet was connected to the bathroom so it was all one big area. This organizer was really nice. It was also purchased at Lowe's.

I ordered those towel hooks and plaque off of Amazon. It's hard to tell but they matched the vanity perfectly!

This view is looking into the bathroom from the bedroom. That long mirror is from IKEA.

The wall color is Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams. It matched perfectly with the countertops and grout. I am actually using it in the main bathroom in our current home.

Let's take a quick look at the Before and After!




We love this bathroom so much that we plan on using all the same materials for our master bathroom renovation in our house now. Although this time I think we'll do some of the work ourselves. That will be interesting!

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