Monday, March 23, 2015

Bathroom Renovations: Main Bathroom House #2

In our second home we had the bathrooms completely remodeled about a year after living there. One was our main bathroom that had some major issues. Once we realized there were water spots on the ceiling in our dining room (which is directly under the bathroom), it was time to do something about it. We contracted this room out because it was way over our heads for us to tackle something like this.



I already had a vision in mind. I knew I wanted a dark vanity base with a white counter top. Brushed nickel finishes and white octagon tile flooring we found at Lowe's. Pretty much everything in this room is from Lowe's.

We had extremely low ceilings in most of our upstairs (all but our master bedroom). So when the contractor took down the ceiling we found out we were able to raise some of it. It made the room feel so much bigger.


The paint color is Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams. It turned out a bit more green then I would have liked but still a very calm and neutral color for a bathroom.

We changed the layout of this room. The vanity stayed where it was but we moved the toilet and shower and were able to add a small "closet" next to the shower. The new layout made the room feel bigger.

A close up view of the floor. I picked out a medium gray color for the grout. White would eventually start to look dirty and this was a nice compliment to the other colors in the room.


We were very pleased with how this room turned out. The bathrooms were definitely the hardest thing to leave in this house. But we took away a lot of knowledge about bathroom renovations that will help us in our home now and we actually plan to use a lot of the same materials.

It's amazing how a room can be completely transformed with some love and time (and money of course).

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