Monday, March 16, 2015

Recent Finds

Occasionally I'll be posting about my Recent Finds from shopping trips. Maybe you'll see something that you have to have in your house or maybe it will give you some inspiration for a room you've been wanting to work on.

I'll start out with a recent trip to Target. We don't have a Target in the small city where I live so it's a big deal when I get to go. And I usually do so with a big grin on my face!

We didn't have any end tables in our living room and I knew I needed 3 of them. Yes, 3. I also knew that I didn't want them match. I wanted a round one, a rectangular one, a mirrored one and maybe a wood one. I also love silver, gold, and white.

I measured my spaces before I went so I could quickly decide what would and wouldn't fit.

I found 2 of them at Target that I really liked but this one won out:

Absolutely love this beauty! I don't know why but I have a strange fascination with mirrored furniture.

And here she is in her new home (along with my daughter's foot):

One of my other favorite stores is HomeGoods. I just started shopping there about a year ago and feel like I've been missing out most of my life! I always have to pick out a few of my favorite things to purchase otherwise I'd walk out with half the store!

I found this simple, cute bowl for ice cream oatmeal:

I also got this chevron utensil holder. Who doesn't love chevron?!

And last but not least I found another end table!

Again with mirrors, I know. I just can't help myself!

Those are my Recent Finds. Trust me I could have found many more at Target and HomeGoods but I'll just have to save some excitement for next time. What's your most recent favorite purchase?

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