Monday, March 9, 2015

Picture Gallery (and a trick!)

IKEA. White. Picture frames. Inexpensive. Score! I have seen picture galleries on a lot of blogs lately. I love them. Some of them are more complex but today I'm going to show you a simple and easy picture gallery along with a trick to get it done quick.

I picked up 6 of these picture frames from IKEA (I could have gotten a lot more but my Hubby said we had enough things in our overflowing cart).

After I knew what size pictures I needed, I used an online photo site that linked up to our grocery store and printed out 3 pictures. I had something else in mind for the other 3 frames.

Back in November I started planning this project and I bought 15 different prints off of Etsy. They were all on sale so I may have gone crazy and ordered just enough too many. I picked out 3 of those for my frames. I recommend printing these on cardstock. I didn't have any around so I used regular printer paper and quickly realized it would have been better on cardstock.

Put the pictures in your frames and decide how you want them to look on the wall.

Side note: do not leave these on the floor for your child to step on!

Now for my little trick! Use a piece of painters tape and make a straight line on the wall.

I used a level and went across the tape to make sure it was even.

I wanted my pictures centered on the wall so I measured the wall, divided that number in half, and that's where I placed my first 2 pictures.

Next I put tape on each side of the frames so the spaces between them would be even.

Such a simple trick that will save you lots of time measuring. I am so happy with the end result!

I wish I could give you a straight on shot but this is in my narrow hallway and you'd probably get half a picture in that shot!

Now I'm off to find more pictures to hang!

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