About Me

Red, gray, yellow, blue, purple, brown... I love them all and most of the time I can't decide which color will be my next victim.

I never knew how much I loved decorating until my husband and I bought our first house just 3 short months after we got married. At the time I was working outside of our home and didn't spend much time thinking about all the fun changes that could be made. About a year later I opened up an in-home daycare and was home 98% of the time. It was then that the idea of painting my kitchen cabinets popped into my head (although I never got around to it).

Soon after that we had our first baby, a little girl. She took up all of my time... energy... my sleep... my body... and well you get it. Fast forward 7 months later and SURPRISE... positive pregnancy test!!! At 36 weeks pregnant with our second child, we decided to move into our second home to be closer to my family. Our son was born just 16 months after his sister.

Our second home was unique. While 2/3 of it was built in 1860, the previous owners added a (now very outdated) addition in 1970. There's wood paneling, carpet where there shouldn't be (kitchen and bathrooms!), rotting windows, low ceilings on the second level, and a very orange brick fireplace.

Our third home is our dream home and we plan on being there for a very long time. Built in 1994, it screams 90's and needs a makeover but I know I can make it the home we've always dreamed of. Well, I will get my husband on board sooner or later!

I have made mistakes, I have had fun, I have learned new things, and I have annoyed my husband... but most of all I have found my passion of creating a Harmonized Home.


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