Monday, June 1, 2015

Spring Cleaning Challenge: Week 4

Are you ready for our last Spring Cleaning Challenge... now that it's practically summer?! This last challenge took me about 20 minutes but man was I ever dreading it. I really thought it would take me an hour! But it was something that desperately needed to be done. Cleaning out the pantry.

During my first trimester I had serious food aversions. Basically only one thing sounded good when I was hungry. Give me a chicken sandwich now and I can't eat anything else! I need fettuccine alfredo pronto but then I don't want it again for 3 months. There are some crazy things that go on when you're pregnant. Luckily I'm in the second trimester now and can stomach fruits, veggies, and lots of protein.

Basically all that to say that our pantry got very full very fast. It wasn't with super healthy things either. Crackers, gummy candy, chocolate pudding, and marshmallows found their way into my home and it was time to clean them up and throw them out (of course I only ate those things once haha). It was also becoming a bad habit to give the kids all of these things when we normally wouldn't so it was time to get rid of the junk and bring the healthy foods back in.

How about some before pictures of my pantry?

I started with one shelf at a time. I took everything off of the shelf and put it on my counter so I could see everything. Then I threw away the junk food or any expired food.

Seriously... why did I need two different kinds? I only ate them each ONCE!

There's all my healthy food just hiding out in the corner waiting for me to eat it. Oatmeal, coconut oil, coconut butter, almond butter, chia seeds.

Little by little she started to look pretty again.

Before I knew it I was done and now I can find where everything is.

Now it's your turn! Set the timer for 20 minutes and see how far you get. :)

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