Monday, June 8, 2015

Quick Pillow Change

This is a big week for us! My husband and I leave on Tuesday for Chicago and our kids will be going to their Nana and Grandpa's for the first time by themselves.. for 4 days! This is the furthest distance and longest time period that both my husband and I will be away from them. To say I'm nervous is an understatement. I'm always with my kids to protect them and take care of their basic needs. It's going to be hard letting go of those things for a few days. However, I'm looking forward to some quality time with my Hubby and getting some extra rest before this baby comes in a few months.

It's also a big week for the blog! Later this week I will be sharing our biggest DIY project to date!!! I am so excited I can hardly contain myself!! Can't you tell by all of my exclamation marks?! This DIY project has spiraled out of control because we are now in the planning stages of building our mantle as well. We are just too excited. I have also been brainstorming some new ideas for the blog. :)

Now back to today's post. We took a trip to IKEA over the weekend. I love that store but I'm pretty sure it's impossible to leave there without spending a few hundred dollars!

I love looking at the pillow section at IKEA. They have some pillow cases for just $5. Definitely worth it when you can completely transform the look of a room for just a few dollars.

You don't have to use IKEA pillows either. I measured some of my existing pillows that I thought I may want to change. Some were IKEA and some were not. These particular pillows came with our couch and while I've kept them in their natural state for about 4 months now, it was time for them to go. They weren't really the style I was going for and I didn't pay anything extra for them so I don't feel bad for not liking them.

This pillow is 19x19. When we got to IKEA, a good section of the pillow cases were 20x20 so I knew they'd fit perfectly. Although I admit I wasn't too fond of a lot of the styles but I did fall in love with this one. And it was only $5 so I picked up two.

This case not only makes the pillow look different, it completely transforms the look of the room! I really wanted to add some modern elements now that we have added some DIY rustic wood shelves and these two pillows really do the trick. I am in love.

Here's a sneak peak at our DIY shelves!

I know Hobby Lobby also has a selection of pillow cases and I'm sure other stores, as well as online, do too. Such a quick and cheap change to make your room look amazingly different. You could also do this with decorative pillows on your bed to add in some color or floral patterns.

I'm still working on adding color into this room. I know that I'll definitely be adding colorful pillows into the mix.

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