Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Gender Reveal: It's A....

We had our gender reveal party this past weekend. We were originally not going to find out because we have a boy and a girl so this little one would just be the tie breaker. :) But I loved doing reveals with our other two so I pretty much begged my husband to let us find out. Ok, I didn't really have to beg too hard. He was nice enough to let me have my fun and peace of mind.

I have seen balloon reveals for a while now and thought it would be really fun. We had to go get a huge dryer box from Lowe's (for free). It was missing a bottom so we used foam board and lots of duct tape. Which I totally forgot to take pictures of! Next was wrapping the box so it didn't look so ugly. I found this gold wrapping paper at WalMart.

We made this box about a week before our reveal party. Then on Friday we went and had a ultrasound done. We did not find out the gender at this time but had the ultrasound tech write it in an envelope for us.

The suspense was killing me! I could not sleep at all that night!

On Saturday we took the box and envelope to our local grocery store and they were kind enough to fill it with the right color of balloons. Half of the balloons were supposed to be on a weight so we could keep them to take pictures with. The other half were supposed to fly out of the box and into the sky. Well, someone did not put a weight on any of balloons so we lost all of them and our kids were super disappointed. :(

I also decorated the box with cut out hearts made out of black construction paper. Then I used chalk to write on the hearts.

My son loves that watering can and would not let it go so it will forever be a memory of this day.

And It's A....


We are very excited to be welcoming another little boy to the family! Now to figure out a name...

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