Thursday, May 28, 2015

Outside: Kids Playset

A few weekends ago my amazing husband built our kids a playset. Our new backyard was desperately calling for it. I also knew it was going to be a very long summer if the kids had to rely on this pregnant mama for entertainment outside! I'll be the one in the wet maternity bathing suit sitting in the kiddy pool. :)

We decided to purchase a kit to save us time cutting wood, figuring out what extra pieces we would need to buy, etc... As it was, it took my husband about two and a half days to finish (my dad helped one of those days). So it wasn't a quick and easy process.

Kid's playsets can be super expensive. We saw some for $3,000 when we were looking! There was a nice one at Costco for $999 but we really weren't ready to spend that much either. We knew we wanted a slide, swings, a small play area and a rock wall would be a nice bonus. After some looking around, we found one we liked and decided to price match it. Kmart actually had the best deal coming in at $475. We chose this one, Backyard Discovery Somerset Cedar Swing Playset (say that 10 times fast!).

We opened the box and made sure all the pieces were there.

Then my husband had the brilliant idea to set up a little work space for the bazillion pieces you get.

He had some helpers at the beginning. Then they realized there were better things to do. :)

My husband started to build some of it in our driveway then transported those pieces to the backyard when it was time.

Our backyard slopes downward a little and isn't flat (the joys of being by woods). So we had to do a little digging to even things out. Well, since my husband is probably reading this post I should correct myself and say that "he" had to do some digging. I was taking care of the kids, of course.

We are very happy with this playset. My husband did say he wishes the wood was thicker and if we would have built it from scratch, we would have used thicker boards. Well I mean "he" would use thicker boards. :) The kids love this thing and now we have all the neighborhood kids over more often then not (which my kids love).


View from the deck with our neighbor friends over.

This has kept the kids occupied more often than not and we are very happy with how it turned out.

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