Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Faves - Food!

It's almost time for the weekend! Do you have anything planned? My husband and I are going to start tackle one of our biggest projects to date in our new home and I am super excited. Or maybe we'll take the weekend off and just play with the kiddos. Who knows?!

I thought I'd dedicate today's post to FOOD. Being pregnant requires you to eat about every 2 hours or you start to feel sick really fast. It's hard coming up with something to eat that often throughout the whole day, day after day. So I thought I'd share some goodies with you all to keep me motivated. :)

My husband got me a very nice Ninja blender for Mother's day!! I have been wanting a quality blender for the past 10 years. My old blender didn't even blend ice so I never really made smoothie or juice. I wanted to share one of my favorite green smoothie sites, Simple Green Smoothies. They are awesome and I'm sure I'll talk about them again soon. I am actually drinking this smoothie right now, Beginner's Luck Smoothie.

It's getting warmer outside and that makes me crave cold foods. Smoothies, salads (well sometimes), fresh fruit and this awesome looking dip!

Dashing Dish is a wonderful blog by Katie Ferrell (who actually lives in my home state, Michigan!). She is the sweetest thing and has a passion for food, Jesus, and health. She has a cookbook that is just wonderful and also a devotional book that includes meal plans and recipes. I made this 3 Ingredient Strawberry Slushie the other day and it was so good!

I've mentioned 100 Days of Real Food before because I absolutely love what they stand for and her food is just delicious. I have been craving a BLT sandwich for a few weeks now (why didn't I thaw out some bacon this morning?!). These BLT Chicken Lettuce Cups are a healthier version that look just scrumptious! And now I must eat one ASAP!

Well I think I've shared enough "healthy" recipes, right? Now it's time for my favorite type of food, dessert! I stumbled across these Chocolate Peanut Butter Buckeye Brownies the other day and now I think I'll have to make them right now this weekend!

Which recipe will you try this weekend?

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