Thursday, May 7, 2015

Cleaning Caddy and Homemade Cleaner

About a year ago I came across the idea of a cleaning caddy. What a genius way to store all of your cleaning products in one spot so you're not running all over the house trying to remember where you put the carpet cleaner.

I thought this would be a great time to bring up the caddy so we can use it with our Spring Cleaning Challenge! 

I also want to share some of my favorite cleaning products with you, including my favorite homemade cleaner that has taken the place of many chemical filled cleaners.

First I'll share the microfiber cloth I use. I found these on Amazon. $23 for 48 cloths is a great deal. I bought these over 2 years ago and they have held up beautifully. No holes and they are very good quality. I keep 3 buckets of these around my house: one under the kitchen sink, one in the upstairs linen closet and one in my laundry area. As you can see, my buckets are overflowing with these cloths so I never run out or even get close.

Next up is my cleaning caddy. I purchased two of these at my local grocery store, Meijer. I believe around $10-15 each. I keep one on our main level and one upstairs.

I love Method cleaning products. Their products are made out of natural ingredients instead of toxic chemicals like bleach (which I haven't used in years). My favorite ones are the Daily Shower cleaner and Wood cleaner. I love using the wood cleaner on my kitchen table. Not that I have messy kids or anything. :) I also have the All Purpose cleaner but don't use it as much as my homemade version. My husband likes using Method's All Purpose cleaner on things like the toilet or bathtub.

I also keep a box of baking soda in my cleaning caddy. I use this in the kitchen sink as well as sprinkle a little in my kid's bath water if they have diaper rash. You can also use it in the toilet or to clean your oven.

Let's get to my favorite homemade cleaners. First up is my Thieves spray. This is a Young Living essential oil product. I love essential oils but I'll save all that for another post. Just a small cap full of this Thieves cleaner into a bottle of water and you're good to go. Thieves is wonderful at getting rid of bacteria. I use this on my kitchen counter all the time or in my bathroom sink.

And my FAVORITE cleaner of all time... the super simple water, vinegar and lemon essential oil. Fill half of the spray bottle with water, half with vinegar, and about 4 drops of lemon oil. Amazing! I use this for everything. Baby spit up, gone! Pee on the carpet, gone! Smoothie on the rug, gone! Chocolate shake stain on the carpet, gone! I've used it on my microfiber couch and my cloth couch and it takes off all the stains. You really can't get more natural than this cleaner. You better believe I'll be well stocked up when baby #3 comes along!

I also love Norwex products but that is also another post for another time. These cloths are great. You don't have to use ANY cleaning product with them, just water. They have silver woven into them which makes them anti-bacterial. Simply amazing.

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