Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Who Stole My Motivation?

Somebody stole my motivation! Who was it?

I'll be honest, I've been struggling the past few weeks to get things done. I'm sure it is partially the weather's fault. These rainy dreary days make me want to snuggle up with my kids on the couch and pretend like they'll be this little for another 10 years. Part of it is dealing with my whiny, screamy, temper tantrum throwing, overly tired but won't sleep 3 year old. I am so exhausted by lunch time dealing with all of those things that I just want to take a break from the world and nap on the couch. I'm sure it has to do with trying to feed a family of 4 picky eaters who all want different things and running out of options by Tuesday. Or maybe it's the list in my head of all the things I want to get done in our house but it just seems so overwhelming that I can't even seem to start.

A few weeks of being lazy on the couch makes me feel like a slug. Then I start looking like a slug and I'm sure no one appreciates that! It's at this point that I tend to feel pretty defeated in every area of my life. My faith, the things I eat, the lies I tell myself about how I'm not worthy, how I am as a mother, wife, etc..

Even with all of those things going on around me, I know that I feel like a better person when I get things done. So I decided to start my To Do list. I'll be honest again, I make these things all the time. Only to be forgotten about and never seen again. This time I am making it a priority to see things get crossed off, one by one. But this time I am telling myself that it's ok if it takes me a week, two weeks, or even a month to complete a project. I am a busy mom, taking care of a big house, and trying to take care of my family. I may need to repeat this to myself when I feel like a failure for not accomplishing something in a day or even a week.

Your house may not get vacuumed this week, that picture may take two weeks to get hung up on the wall, toys may end up in your bed and I won't tell if you just stuff your laundry into your drawers without folding them. :)

I hope this encourages just one of you to start that To Do list or that project you've been wanting to do but have put off. And to let you know that it is perfectly fine if life has just gotten in the way. It happens to everyone at some point or another. We have all been there and will probably be there again someday. Cheer up, put a smile on that face and enjoy this wonderful day that the Lord has given you!

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