Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Chair

I have been obsessed with decorative chairs for a while now. But wow they can be pricey! I recently found 2 older chairs on a local garage sale site for $45. I had every intention of reupholstering them. Now do I know how to do that? No. Do I have time for that? No. So what was I thinking?!

The bones were good. They were comfy, they had cute little legs and they were the perfect size. But I had to let them go. I resold them. With us moving, I decided I wanted to go a different direction with our style in our new house. And really, I do not know how to reupholster these things.

I had been eyeing these gorgeous things at my local grocery store (of all places!) but at $170 it just wasn't going to happen.

I really didn't have a favorite... until one day when I was stalking them I saw this...

GASP!! This was a joke, right? I'm on America's Funniest Videos and they want to see me lug this chair up to the checkout only to say April Fools... right??

So I looked at the chair to see what was wrong with it. The legs were loose. I figured at best we could take the legs off and replace them. At worst, it would just look pretty in my house with a warning sign on it saying "do not sit on me." So I basically ran out of the store with this thing. I was too excited! I got it home and did a quick tightening with the screw driver and she was perfect. God was watching over me and probably felt pity on me because I have waited 2 years for a chair like this.

So here she is being modeled by this handsome young man {at house #2}.

I seriously left that sticker on for a whole day because I was so excited about my awesome find. What amazing deals have you found lately?

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