Monday, February 9, 2015

Our New Home (Number 3)

At the beginning of January we purchased our third home. Our forever home. Let's take a look at memory lane first....

Our first home was purchased because were going from an apartment to a house. As a newly married couple, we were so excited! It was a 2 story cookie cutter home and I loved it from the moment I stepped inside. We got an amazing deal on it as it was a foreclosure. Located in a great neighborhood with top notch schools right in our subdivision. The only problem was, it was far away from family. Like 2 hours far away! We had our first baby in this house, a girl. When we found out we were unexpectedly expecting when she was only 7 months old, we started to realize how nice it would be to have family nearby. It was time to move!

House #2 was right in the heart of the city. It was a very cheap reasonably priced home. With two-thirds of it built in 1860 and an addition built sometime in the 1970's. It was outdated and had an odd layout. There were 2 different staircases leading upstairs, with one set being super steep. The kitchen, dining room and living room were one right after the other with no real connection. I could never see the kids playing from the kitchen and we hardly ever sat together to eat a meal. since the spaces were so divided. The upstairs was worse with "4" bedrooms. However, one of the bedrooms connected the master bedroom and the other 2 bedrooms.  So it was really only usable as an office. I will go into more detail with this house and updates we made in future posts.

House #3 is our dream home. Built recently in 1994, it has all the modern updates one could hope for. Lights in the closets, a million and one outlets, more of an open layout, a usable basement with room for my husband's office, my workout area, and even enough room for a play area that will probably one day be a teen hang out. While all these things are great, it still looks like it came from the 90's. It needs a lot of paint, three and a half major bathroom renovations, some cabinets taken out in places and new ones put back in, and some wood trim that will get painted white. I have a lot of projects up my sleeve to make this the home we've always wanted and I can't wait to share the progress with you!

And this is what happens when God dumps 15 feet of snow on your new house right before you move in...


  1. I love your new house! It looks great! I can't wait to see what you do to the inside of it.

    1. Thanks Katie! We are very excited and have some big ideas for it!