Monday, February 16, 2015

Before and After: The Laundry Room

I did a small makeover in our laundry room. I'm only 50% done but for the time being this is how it turned out.

It started out with plain white walls. That cabinet and wire shelf next to it were there as well. Of course I did a good cleaning all around first and also did some samples of paint on the wall. Since most of our house has gray walls, I wanted to do something a little different in here.

My inspiration for this room were 2 things: black and white carpet tiles and a blue/gray wall color. A little different from the very neutral gray and white that I like to keep in the rest of my home. I went with Sherwin Williams Silver Strand lightened 50%. Silver Strand in its normal hue was way too dark because there are no windows in here. I always recommend getting a sample of a color. A color can look amazing in one person's house and look awful in someone else's.

My first step was to cut in around the ceiling, trim, corners, and cabinet. You'll notice my lines are all over the place in some spots and that's because I wasn't going to take the extra time to paint behind the actual washer and dryer. No one will see it! So I was using those lines as my guide because I measured out where the washer and dryer would sit beforehand.

If you're a beginner painter then you'll definitely want to get either blue painter's tape or Frog Tape to seal off any areas you don't want to get paint on. Like the ceiling, cabinet, or trim. Unfortunately I've painted way too many times in my short 5 years of being a home owner and am now a pro at this.  

I usually recommend taking off light switch covers but I knew this one would be hidden behind the washer/dryer and a board I plan on putting over top of the washer/dryer.

Freshly painted and everything has a spot. Can you see the awesome carpet tiles in the reflection?


I am in love with these carpet tiles. I got them from a local carpet store and they only cost about $15 for this room. I did put them behind the washer an dryer so everything would be level.

My future plans for this room include putting a 12 inch board right above the washer and dryer that actually rests on them. It gives some extra storage and will also hide the water line and outlet. I would like to take down that cabinet and wire shelf. In their place will be 2 smaller cabinets on the sides with 2-3 shelves in the middle of them. I am in love with thick chunky wood so maybe the shelves will be made out of that. I would like to get a picture or sign for the wall when I find the right one.

There you have it, my first room reveal and definitely not the last. I am very pleased with how it turned out and look forward to more fun changes in the future.

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