Monday, April 13, 2015

Master Bedroom Wall Inspiration

It's probably not true for everyone, but I know for a lot of parents the master bedroom is one of the last rooms to get painted, decorated, and finished. Kids take priority, other rooms in the house take priority (like the ones your guests will see), and life just gets in the way.

I am making it my mission in our new home to take the time and make our master bedroom a retreat. A place where we can go after the kids are asleep to relax and unwind. It seems like as parents we put ourselves last but I really believe we should have our own special room in the house that brings us peace.

In our first house (before kids), we were able to make our master bedroom our own with Craigslist furniture. Although I never got around to hanging any pictures on the walls. I know, I know... it's brown!

In our second home, I did not touch the master bedroom until about 2 months before we moved! I wanted it to look nice for showings and that's all the time I had to spend on it while we lived there. It never got pictures on the walls either.

This is before we moved in. An older couple lived here for a long time and didn't do much to keep it up to date.

Here it is after I finally took off that wallpaper border and painted it 2 years later. The color is Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore. A greige color that is a perfect neutral for anyone to fall in love with.

I have painted our bedroom now with Comfort Gray by Sherwin Williams. I have a love-hate relationship with it. In the daytime it's a beautiful color mixed with blues-greens-grays. When it gets dark outside, it's plain old green. Since the rest of our house is pretty neutral, I figured I would make our bedroom bold (at least for me anyway).

At first I wanted to paint it gray. Totally insane I tell you! So I'm living with this color for now but have fallen in love with a few ways to make it unique. I wanted to share them with you!

One of my favorites bloggers, Jen, has a similar color in her bedroom. She created a border with trim and added these awesome pictures which I totally plan on copying!

Kate at Centsational Girl did this amazing trellis wall in her bedroom. It adds a feminine effect so hopefully your husband won't mind. :)

The Nester did this diamond wall with duct tape! Did you hear see that?! DUCT TAPE!

Another one of my favorites, Thrifty D├ęcor Chick, did this amazing board and batten wall in a beautiful dark gray color. It adds so much character. Love it!

There are so many different options for the master bedroom. I definitely want the wall behind our bed to be the focal wall so now I just have deicide which one of these is my favorite. Hopefully it takes me less than 2 years to decide, huh?!

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