Monday, July 13, 2015

Organizing a Bathroom Drawer

Wow... what a crazy 10 days it has been! I didn't realize how much the 4th of July was like Christmas, being that you are busy for like two weeks straight! In the past 10 days we have had 4 family events (I think... I lost count), made a trip to the zoo, went to a parade, had 2 baby doctor appointments that took up a whole day (baby is healthy and measuring right on track), and my daughter started swim lessons which is every evening for 2 1/2 weeks straight. Needless to say, I've been busy and exhausted! In between those events I had to take countless naps just to keep up. All of this is why I didn't get to post at all last week. I had to put my priorities first and spend quality family time. Which is what I hope all of you have been doing. :)

We are in the midst of about 4 projects all going on at the same time. Of course we've been super exhausted lately so it seems like they're taking forever to get finished. But what gets me excited to finish a project is having a deadline to meet. Otherwise I'm kind of in limbo and don't care too much about how long it takes to finish. We have scheduled a little get together in about 5 weeks at our house so now I'm all ready to get going on my growing to-do list.

Today I wanted to share a quick organizing project I did this past week. It was super easy and only took me about 10 minutes. I even did it while my kids were playing in the bathtub!

My bathroom drawer was starting to look a bit scary. Ok, it wasn't all that bad but it could have been better.

I'm pretty sure I picked up these organizers at IKEA. They are awesome. They connect together which helps them not to slip all over the place.

So I took everything out of the drawer and placed it all on the counter.

I also cleaned out the drawer because I may have had one million hairs a piece of hair in there.

Then I used my new organizing containers and began putting everything back in. Now everything has a place and it makes me smile every time I use this drawer.

Sometimes it's the little things that can make our day and the little things that keep us going.

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