Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Faves

It's Friday! Time to partaaaayyy. Who am I kidding, I do not party. Unless you call going to bed at 9:30 on the weekends a big old party. Maybe I'll stay up until 10:00 tonight and be a mommy rebel!

Tomorrow we have a family wedding so I'll consider that my party night. Let's hope baby will let me stay up past 8:00. :)

Let's start our Friday Faves for this week!

First up is Young House Love. I actually started following their blog just after they stopped blogging. Wah! However, they have kept their blog up because they have sooooo many awesome projects. Like these No-Sew Curtains! I have no clue how to sew and I'm sure there are others out there so these would be a great cheaper, easier option.

Dear Lillie is a blog I've been following for a while. Her style is simply gorgeous and elegant. Here she shows us her guest room in all its gray and white glory. I'm in love!

Two Twenty One is a great blog by Chelsea. She has everything from tips and tricks, baby necessities, and recipes! Doesn't this Cherry Cobbler look amazing?!

Cassie just painted her master bedroom.... BLACK! I am not that brave but this turned out beautiful! I can't wait to see what the room looks like when it's done.

Vignette... isn't that a fun word to say out loud? I almost feel French... almost. Carmel at Our Fifth House gives us some Vignette Styling Ideas. I think I may use some of her great ideas for a project I have been working on.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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