Monday, March 2, 2015

Super Easy Drawer Liners

I've got a quick project for you today that is super easy and will only take you minutes to complete.

Every time I opened my silverware drawer, it looked like this:

Because who doesn't like to stick their hand way in the drawer to fish out silverware when you're in a hurry to feed 2 hungry kids?!
I had a roll of drawer liner sitting around from literally 5 years ago that I just never got around to putting in. So I decided to make good use of it. I got this particular one from Bed Bath & Beyond but I know a lot of stores carry it. It has little bumps on it that help keep your utensils from sliding all over.
I first rolled it out into my drawer and figured out where I would need to cut it.
I used a combination of a knife and scissors to get the job done. Yes, that is a mix of nail polish and paint on my fingers! I am always painting something!
I was able to cover 8 drawers with the roll I had. I took this time to reorganize things, like my small containers. Although within a day or two they were already out of order thanks to some small people who like to play in there.
It's a super easy, inexpensive project that will make your drawers look pretty and also give you some sanity when getting out your forks and spoons!

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