Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I love mirrors! They add character, can act as a focal point, and function like a picture. One of the best things I love about them is that they reflect light off of windows. If you have a lot of windows on one side of the room, adding a mirror to the opposite side will mimic one of those windows by reflecting the light. Your room will feel brighter and larger.

My favorite mirror is this one that I got at Target:


Recently I picked up this one at HomeGoods (I could live in this store!):

This mirror had a minor scratch so I got $10 taken off! It was easy to fix. In the center there was a small piece of the wood missing.

So I took a black sharpie marker and colored it in. The mirror already has some distressing on it so it blends right in and looks like it was meant to be there.

This next mirror I had in my last house and am still trying to decide if it will be used or where. However, it's gone through quite the transformation. It was a thrift store find and was originally gold with some stains on it. I spray painted it silver (one of my favorite colors for spray paint) and it looks completely different. Spray paint for the win!

I am already on the lookout for new mirrors at our new house! Do you have a favorite mirror?

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